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In this geography game, you will face the world as it really is.

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Globe Master 3D Privacy policy

This is the privacy policy for Globe Master 3D Android application, available in Google Play Store. The Globe Master 3D has been created and published by Imaginarium Katarzyna Pietrak.

Do you collect any personally identifiable information?


We don't collect any personally identifiable information through Globe Master 3D Android application. The only information we collect is anonymous data about player's in-game behavior.

What and when do you collect / send from my device?

We collect anonimized information about the player's game progress

This information is collected for statistical reasons, and used by us to analyze the difficulty level of the locations included in the game. This information is not personally identifiable.

Third-party components and services

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics service to analyze user's behavior within the app. Google Analytics collects information about your device, country and in-game behaviour, and may use it for adevrtisment purposes. See Google privacy policy for details.

Google AdMob

We use Google AdMob service for advertisement. It will collect information about user's behaviour and response to the adveritsment. See Admob privacy policy for details.

Unity 3D

The game is built using Unity 3D engine. The engine also collects some statistical data. See Unity3D privacy policy for details.

Contact information

Imaginarium Katarzyna Pietrak
ul. Obrońców Tobruku 19/80
01-494 Warsaw, Poland
This privacy policy has been published on 2017-01-13.
La Tomatina
Shipwreck Bay
Mount Nemrut
Ha Long Bay

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